Team Sunweb present 2018 National Champion jerseys

At the turn of the year, Team Sunweb switched to their slightly updated 2018 team kit design and are pleased to present their 2018 national champion looks for the upcoming racing season. The team’s 2018 roster includes an impressive total of ten champions; these include Max Kanter (German U23 road), Tom Dumoulin (Dutch Elite TT), Lucinda Brand (Dutch Elite CX), Joris Nieuwenhuis (Dutch U23 CX), and Marc Hirschi (Swiss U23 TT) who honour their national champion titles, as well as Joris Nieuwenhuis (World U23 CX), Ellen van Dijk (European Elite TT), Pernille Mathiesen (European U23 road and TT) and Tom Dumoulin (World Elite TT) honoring European and world titles.

For the 2018 designs the team listened to the fans, recognizing that evolution needs a gradual approach, taking their opinion onboard when renewing the national looks. At the same time Team Sunweb calls for progression, as it is committed to creating a healthy and fair position for riders and their teams. As those who bring the sport alive for fans, the riders and their teams deserve a fair and genuine voice in decision-making within the sport and future economical perspective. Alongside that, the team attributes a lot of value to their team identity, keeping it consistent to be able to represent a true collective.

Team Sunweb CEO, Iwan Spekenbrink, explained: “We want to strengthen the position of riders and their teams, and progression is necessary. We are committed in our efforts to give riders and their teams a stronger voice when it comes to decision-making. The look and feel of the team’s identity (e.g. jersey designs), rider’s safety, and stability for riders and teams are examples, alongside many more important decisions potentially impacting the future of teams and their riders.

“From all the reactions we’ve seen since July we’ve recognized that progression can be achieved more effectively when using a step-by-step approach. That’s the reason the voice of the fans, an important stakeholder in our sport, has been taken into account when creating the new designs.”

U23 German road champion, Max Kanter added: “Every time I ride in my German Team Sunweb jersey I am very proud. The design for 2018 looks really cool and it will definitely give me a boost when racing in it.”

Freshly crowned Dutch CX elite champion, Lucinda Brand said: “The team is eager to improve our position as riders and I fully support that, obviously. Our champion’s jersey looks really nice and is a recognition of my title. It is also well balanced visually as being a member of Team Sunweb, too.”