A crash sees Joris Nieuwenhuis out of Namur World Cup

After a crash on Namur World Cup’s second lap, Team Sunweb’s Joris Nieuwenhuis was forced to step off the bike and end his race early. 

A strong start saw Joris inside the first group of riders. On the second lap’s descent, Joris crashed and broke his front wheel and was unable to finish the race.


After the race Joris said: “Before the crash I was feeling pretty good. I was riding a good pace and felt like I could go for a decent spot. The crash happened after 1 and a half laps, my foot came out of the pedal and into the front wheel and I did a front flip. My front wheel was broken so from then my race was over. Physically I’m ok but mentally I’m disappointed, I’ll now look forward to Zolder after next weekend.”

Team Sunweb coach Herman Snoeijink said: “A crash on the second lap saw Joris out of the race. His front wheel was totally broken and he wasn’t able to continue. Until then, he was positioned well and feeling much better than he had been during the previous races. It was a stroke of bad luck and we now can look forward to the upcoming races.”