Molly Weaver Involved in a Crash Whilst Out Training


After an accident whilst training, Team Sunweb’s Molly Weaver’s condition has improved over the past week of recovery. Although she has suffered significant injuries, she is now out of hospital and taking the first steps towards recovery. It is not yet known when she will be back on her bike, but both Molly and the team look forward to seeing her back in action when she is fit and ready.

“It’s been a really hard couple of weeks both mentally and physically but I know how much worse it could have been so above all else I am grateful for that,” said Molly.

“The support I’ve had around me has been incredible and I would like to thank the entire cycling community for that. I was the strongest I had ever been when the accident happened, both the team and I worked hard to get me to that place so I’m obviously disappointed and sad right now. I was excited to start racing and be a part of some great results, but I have to accept what’s happened now and channel everything I’m feeling into motivation to come back stronger.”

“Molly is still in much discomfort from her broken bones and the brace she is wearing as a result of her injuries,” explained Team Physician Anko Boelens.

“She is now mobile and can walk, which is great news. As long as she is wearing the brace she won’t be back on her bike. We hope that she can go on the rollers once the brace is taken off, but it’s important for her to take the time she needs to recover before getting back on the bike.”

10/02 15h30 CET

Further testing has revealed that Molly has no fractures to her collarbone.

10/02: 11h00 CET

Team Sunweb’s Molly Weaver has been involved in a crash whilst training in Girona, Spain yesterday. She has suffered a concussion and fractures to her sternum and vertebrae and is currently in the hospital. Together with the medical staff from the team the treatment will be determined in the upcoming days, including the need of any surgery.

Team Physician Anko Boelens explained: “Molly was involved in a crash yesterday and has suffered a concussion and fractures to her sternum and vertebrae. She is conscious and doing relatively well. The doctors at the hospital will carry out more tests in the coming days and after that we will be able to give an estimation on what the recovery will look like.”