A day in the life: Simon Geschke


Simon Geschke

A dedicated, driven and extremely talented rider; find out what Team Sunweb’s Simon Geschke gets up to during the winter months with our latest #InsideOut feature.


Breakfast. Juice, almond milk cappuccino and oats.


More coffee from the most beautiful coffee machine I can imagine; a Giro and Tour de France 2017 special edition. It makes me smile every morning.


Off to the gym for the typical winter strength training. Every day is a leg day when you’re a cyclist.


A bike ride with some friends from my area. 3 hours with a coffee stop included.


Back home to a late lunch. Green smoothie and some avocado on bread. Feeling so healthy with all of that green stuff 😉


Relaxing the rest of my afternoon away. Spending time to work on my career after cycling…well it will still take some time! 🙂


Back to something I’m not actually bad at. Playstation time!


Chocolate and another afternoon coffee. It’s still winter, right?! And the chocolate is green too, so it must be healthy!


Almost forgot to get my beard back in shape after training. I use probably the best stuff there is! Guess which product I mean 😉


Dinner time. I’m preparing some home made vegan pizza tonight and yes…the cutter was a gift!


Meeting some friends at one of my favourite places in Freiburg. I’m back relatively early though. Even though it’s winter I still have to train tomorrow! I have four hours on my plan, so it’s good night from me!