#InsideOut: Lucinda Brand’s Off Season


Lucinda Brand

How do you spend your winter?

Most of the time I still spend time riding my bike. I often swap bikes so that I can have a bit of fun in the forest.

Where could we typically find you during the off season?

While have some time off the bike it is nice to spend some time with friends and family. While I have some free time at the weekends I like to take advantage and do more with them, rather than just have dinner together. Over the past few years it has become tradition for myself, my niece and aunt to spend time together and have a ‘girls day’.

How does your training change through the winter?

In the winter, it is important to work on my base for the season. I spend a lot of hours riding at a low intensity, which is important for me to be able to ride at length on a high level in races. I also do some cyclo-cross races during the winter, which require specific interval trainings. The combination provides a nice mixture of training during the winter months.

How do you spend your spare time during off season?

I spend a lot of time volunteering with my local cycling club where I’m a board member. I spend time doing the administration for the club’s members and volunteers so during the winter I’m always busy with the changeover of members. I also arrange the volunteers that work at our competitions which take place every three weeks. Next to that I make and send the newsletters and new documents that are needed.

Did you have a holiday during the off season? If so, where did you go, what did you see, how was it?

Because I ride a cross season during the winter I haven’t had time to have a proper holiday like most cyclists do. I did manage to have a short trip to Rome after the world championships where I saw the whole Vatican – it was harder than a bike race haha. I also went to Cyprus for a training camp recently where I tried to give mysef a little bit of a holiday feeling. When I wasn’t training I went to visit different places and spent time relaxing on the beach.

Do you enjoy the time away from racing or are you looking forward to getting back come January? 

It’s nice to spend a little bit more time in my own bed, something I don’t often get to do during the season. But for sure I’m looking forward to the first races of 2018. Racing is more fun than training J

Describe the difference between on/off season in one sentence.

“Off” season is off-road season, “on” season is on-road 😀