#InsideOut: Floortje Mackaij’s Off Season

Where could we typically find you during the off season?

At the beginning of the off-season I really enjoy to do nothing! I like to spend time relaxing going out with friends. I also take the opportunity to go on holiday, over the last few years I have always gone to Turkey with my family!

How does your training change through the winter? 

In the winter, I do a lot of different things. Every Saturday I do marathon speed skating. It’s always 80 laps and in total 32 kilometres of racing. It’s really nice to do something else in the winter and change things up a bit. I also like riding a lot on my cross bike through the woods.

How do you spend your spare time during off season? 

In my free time I really like to do ‘normal’ things. These things include going to new places and cities with friends, it’s always nice to see as much as possible. I also like to go out with friends, but after one month of partying I’m done with it for the rest of the year. Haha.

Did you have a holiday during the off season? 

Yes, I went to turkey with my family. Here I actually really didn’t do anything. I spent most of my time sunbathing, swimming and eating. That for me is the perfect holiday!

Do you enjoy the time away from racing or are you looking forward to getting back come January?

I’m really looking forward to getting back into racing. That’s also why I spend time racing with speed skating. I really enjoy being in a competition, it gives me a lot of positive energy.

Is there something in particular you would like to focus on for the upcoming season?

I really want to be there directly in the opening weekend of racing, and play a role in the classics! This spring, I want to make the step up to the top of the world. The spring is my favourite because I really like to race in the cold, rain and windy weather.

Describe the difference between on/off season in one sentence.

In the off season I’m really focused on training to get my body in the right shape for the upcoming season. During the season I’m always focused on races and always thinking about which races are coming up and how I can best prepare.