Injury Updates


Joris Nieuwenhuis Michael Storer

Joris Nieuwenhuis

Team Sunweb’s U23 CX world champion Joris Nieuwenhuis has this season suffered problems with his left leg, causing him to abandon the world cup round in Zeven amongst more struggles. After extensive testing, it has been determined that Joris has a kinking artery which will require surgery after the cyclo-cross season is complete.

Team Sunweb physician Anko Boelens said: “Joris has been struggling with problems in his leg over the past months and after extensive tests, we have determined that it is a kinking artery that is causing the pain and reduced power output. The good news is that the vessel is only bent, and not damaged. This can be fixed through surgery and as there is no immediate risk, this will take place after the cyclo-cross season is over. After surgery Joris will need to take six weeks rest then six weeks of easy training on the rollers. After this he can gradually begin to increase his normal training regime.”

Joris Nieuwenhuis added: “I am feeling quite disappointed with my season so far but now I know what is going on with the injury, I can give set it aside and move on. Finishing 3rd at Zolder was a key role in being able to move forward because afterwards I realised that it was still possible to ride a result. We made some modifications to the bike which have made me feel much more comfortable and able to continue riding. For now I will stay focused on the national and world championships and see what it brings.”

Michael Storer

A new addition to Team Sunweb for the 2018 season, Michael Storer has recently suffered acute appendicitis which required minimal invasive surgery. As his condition currently stands, he will be able to start the Tour Down Under in Australia next week.

Anko Boelens said: “Michael had acute appendicitis for which he has undergone successful minor surgery. His recovery so far is going well and as it stands, he should be able to start at the Tour Down Under next week. However there is no pressure for him to do so, and his condition will be closely monitored by the team to ensure that he is of good health and ready to race.”

Michael Storer said: “It was a big surprise for me having my appendix taken out. After the national road race on Sunday I had typical gastro symptoms and thought it must have just been from the race or something I ate. The pain went away a bit and then came back badly midday on Monday so the team decided to get me to see the doctor. This was a good decision because those extra precautionary steps meant the problem got sorted really quickly and in an early stage of appendicitis. If the appendix had ruptured I wouldn’t be in a position to consider racing TDU next Tuesday. So, in that way things have gone for the best and I can be confident to start my first World Tour race with Team Sunweb.”