Max Kanter shows off the teams colours in the Handzame Classic breakaway


Max Kanter Florian Stork Nils Eekhoff Jarno Mobach

Max Kanter represented Development Team Sunweb in the days main breakaway at Handzame Classic today. Max, along with 9 other riders spent the day up the road, gaining an advantage of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

As the race hit crosswinds the peloton picked up the pace to bring the leaders back. The challenging wind conditions coupled with the increase in pace caused four distinct echelons. The front chase group were strong in numbers as its 50 riders bridged across to the 10 breakaway riders. As the two groups rejoined, more riders went on the attack whilst Team Sunweb opted to stay safely in the front bunch. The race came down to a bunch sprint and Leon Rohde took 19th place.