Team Sunweb 9th in Hammer Sprint Limburg

In the second of the Hammer Series disciplines at Hammer Limburg, the Hammer Sprint, Team Sunweb raced to 9th place, gaining points through Max Walscheid’s placings throughout the race.

Team Sunweb, with Max and Edward Theuns hoping to be up there in the sprints, didn’t quite manage what they had planned and ended the day also in 9th overall which sees them in the second group in tomorrow’s final Hammer Chase – meaning they can’t compete for the overall race victory now.

Team Sunweb scored 261.6 points on the day, 858.9 points behind the day’s winners. The line up consisted of Max, Edward, Louis Vervaeke, Michael Storer and Jai Hindley.


Team Sunweb coach Luke Roberts said : “In today’s Hammer Sprint we were hoping to pick up some good points with Edward and Max, but unfortunately Max was a little bit under the weather and didn’t have the leg’s he’d hoped for, and Edward didn’t have his best day. They gave their all but unfortunately they couldn’t quite pick up the top points against the other quick sprinters here.

“We’ve seen in the past other races often breakaways going away and taking a lot of the sprint points, but today it was a different race and there was a lot more bunch sprints, so it was unfortunate we couldn’t really compete. We’re 9th in the overall standings now, so tomorrow we’re starting in the runner’s up group in the Hammer Chase and can only race for the day’s victory.”

Max added: “I think we did the best we could today with out line up and scored as many points as possible with Edward and me focusing on the sprints. The other three, Michael, Jai and Louis focusing on breakaways. For me I scored quite well in the first laps, then did what I could with my sickness from the past days, so I think I can be quite happy with the circumstances. I tried to ride as clever as possible, use my eyes really well and to save as much energy as possible to get us in the best position cleverly.”