Team Sunweb place 6th in Hammer Chase to secure 9th overall in Limburg


Edward Theuns Jai Hindley Max Walscheid Michael Storer Louis Vervaeke

Team Sunweb put in a strong performance in the Hammer Chase at Hammer Limburg today to win the Runner-Up final, posting the 6th fastest time of the day, leaving the team 9th overall at Hammer Limburg.

The team, with some young guys with little experience of riding team time trials with Team Sunweb, set off well and managed to hold and increase the advantage over the teams that started behind them. Having won the Runner-Up final, they then waited to see the times posted by the teams in the main final, and by the end of the race Team Sunweb were 6th fastest.

The team consisted of Jai Hindley, Michael Storer, Edward Theuns, Louis Vervaeke and Max Walscheid. The result leaves Team Sunweb in 5th overall in the Hammer Series standings for 2018.


Team Sunweb coach Luke Roberts said after the race: “Today we were racing in the Hammer Chase in the Runner-Up final as the first team. We started with a good advantage over the other teams, but there were some strong teams behind us so we wanted to make sure we got a good start and get away, focusing on riding a good team time trial. For a couple of the guys it was their first team time trial, so it was important for them to gain some experience here. The guys did a really good, smooth ride – it was quite a fast performance even in comparison to some of the teams in the final. We were happy with the ride, held out advantage and could take the win in the Runner-Up final.”

Edward Theuns said after the finish: “It was pretty close to be in the final group or not and we just missed out. It was a pity but we still had motivation for the TTT – Team Sunweb are world team time trial champion so we have knowledge in the team and we have a good group here with guys at a similar level.”

“We were super motivated – super keen to put a good time in and see where we compared to the teams in the final. We can be pretty happy with that ride,” Jai Hindley said.

Michael Storer added: “It was a really nice course – I think we executed it really well. Smooth and well paced. Despite not making the front group we had a good ride.”

Max Walsheid concluded by saying: “I think we did the best we could. We set a good pace for the team, I was then hanging on due to the sickness I’ve had. We had a nice effort and could include our neo-pros well so it was a good ride.”