Crash spoils chances of result for Development Team Sunweb at GP Criquielion


Nils Eekhoff Leon Heinschke Max Kanter Martin Salmon Florian Stork Sergio Tu Jens Vanoverberghe

Development Team Sunweb rode a strong race with an unlucky finale at GP Criquielion today, as sprinter for the day Nils Eekhoff crashed on the final lap taking him out of contention for the sprint. 

Not happy with the make-up of the breakaway, Development Team Sunweb rode hard to bring back an early 10-rider group at GP Criquielion. After a 20 kilometre effort the group rejoined the bunch and another group went clear.

Keeping their lead under control, the group rejoined the bunch on the first of three local laps and the team kept the pace high in the bunch. Losing riders after their efforts at the front, Development Team Sunweb remained with just Nils Eekhoff in the main, reduced peloton. A crash on the last lap saw him out of contention for the sprint, an unfortunate end to a solid day’s team work at the race.


Nils said: “Today I felt really good, towards the final I was in a good position in the peloton and we were about to catch the break before the sprint. Then a rider hit the back wheel, braked and made a strange move. I had no where to go and crashed. I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t pay off the really good work of the team. Everyone did a really strong job controlling the breakaway and keeping me in good position.”

Team Sunweb coach Tom Veelers said: “Today wasn’t the best day in history. We planned to go for Nils and be active during the race. Straight from the start the speed was directly high and we lost riders quite early on in the race. 10 riders went clear in the break and Jens and Leon worked at the front to bring them back, and after 20 kilometres the gap was closed. From then we tried to come in a good situation with the boys and succeeded as everything came back together with 60 kilometres to go. It went all out on the final three laps and we lost some more guys due to the hard work and pace in the bunch. We had just Nils left in the peloton but then we lost him to a crash on the last lap which meant we couldn’t go for a result.”