Team Sunweb’s Simon Geschke Fractures Collarbone In Tirreno Adriatico Crash


Simon Geschke Søren Kragh Andersen

Team Sunweb’s Simon Geschke has unfortunately broken his left collarbone in a heavy fall late on during stage 3 of Tirreno Adriatico.

Simon was part of a few riders who came down on a fast corner heading into the decisive stages of the day – hitting the safety barrier on the side of the road. The impact was enough to fracture his left clavicle, the same one he broke three years ago. During the stage, Søren Kragh Andersen also abandoned due to sickness.

Team Sunweb doctor Chris Jansen explained: “We can confirm that Simon has a fracture of the left clavicle. This will have to be operated on but we will choose to do this where he lives in Freiburg. We expect that it will be one week from the operation until he is back on the rollers and if all goes well he could be back to full strength in 4-5 weeks.”

After the diagnosis, Simon said: “When a rider in front of me came down I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the speed I was travelling I had no chance at all to avoid it.”

Team Sunweb coach Marc Reef added: “It’s a real disappointment for the team that Simon crashed out today because he could have been a of great value for the guys in this race given the shape he had. We hope that he will make a quick recovery following his surgery.”