Team Sunweb hosts fifth annual Deutsche Talent-Tage

Team Sunweb and the German Cycling Federation (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer, BDR) have launched their annual Deutsche Talent-Tage with starting point in München, Germany. In its fifth consecutive year, their quest to find and inspire the future champions of Germany continues on the three-day camp, executing their shared vision of advancing German cycling through its very core.

With their continued belief that grassroots development is the key to building solid foundations for the future of cycling in Germany, the Deutsche Talent-Tage take advantage of the professionals who bring experience and knowledge to Team Sunweb’s focus of discovering Germany’s future talents. Both the BDR’s and Team Sunweb’s coaches, trainers, scientists, nutritionists and experts all involved in the event, hosted exclusively for young riders between the ages of 17 and 20.

After a successful edition in 2017, the DTT once again starts and finishes in Bayern, Germany, before the team move to Sankt Anton. The specific profile of the Arlbergpass – a “unique testing mountain” – near Sankt Anton enables the BDR and Team Sunweb to conduct specific testing for various types of riders; sprinters, time trialists, climbers and all-rounders. The tests completed in 2017 can now be benefited from, as those who underwent analysis last year can generate more data to compare and monitor their output.

“Over the years we have seen an increase in the motivation of young German cycling talents, with more and more wanting to be invited to these days,” explained BDR sports director Patrick Moster (GER). “This is the fifth year that we join Team Sunweb for the Deutsche Talent-Tage and we are pleased to continue the partnership and be a part of such an exciting project. We are confident that the introduction of these days has contributed and will continue to contribute to youth development in Germany.”

Team Sunweb coach Sebastian Deckert (GER) added: “We’ve created an exciting program for the talents with the goal to teach them more about professional cycling and to share our knowledge and experience. During their time with us, the riders undergo various physical and mental screening to help identify their strengths and weaknesses and discover what type of rider they are. The Arlbergpass is ideal for our physical testing protocol because of its specific profile and it allows us to compare data overtime. Whilst in attendance they are given insight from a WorldTour team of experts who are on hand throughout their time here to provide workshops, advice and give insight to the life of a professional cyclist.”

Team Sunweb CEO Iwan Spekenbrink (NED) explained: “With the increase in interest of cycling in Germany, and being a German team, we find ourselves responsible to aid and support its growth. The Deutsche Talent-Tage encourage and challenge young people to continue cycling and ride their bikes. Our aim across the board is to contribute to the development of the sport in Germany by identifying and developing German’s next stars. We want to continue to bring young Germans up through the ranks of cycling with the potential of joining a professional team in the future.”