Lucinda Brand rounds out World CX Champion Podium

After a phenomenal battle, Team Sunweb’s Lucinda Brand rounded out the podium taking 3rd at the cyclo-cross world championships in Valkenburg today.

As two riders went ahead to contest the gold and silver placings, Lucinda Brand was involved in an intense fight for the bronze medal. As each lapped passed riders became more scattered along the course and gaps formed that looked unlikely to close. Positioned in the third group, Lucinda and another rider were neck and neck until the final lap where Lucinda accelerated away from her companion to secure third place on the podium.


After the race Lucinda said: “I’m really happy with the medal especially after being sick last week. Of course I was hoping for it but I absolutely wasn’t sure if I would be able to after a not ideal build up to the race. It was a really tough fight to take 3rd but I was so glad to be standing on the podium. It’s a great feeling to stand on a world champion podium anyway, but in your own country is even more special.”

Team Sunweb coach Hans Timmermans added: “After being sick last week this is an impressive result from Lucinda. Her last lap was super strong and she got a nice bronze medal as a reward for a great race.”