Rad am Ring

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July 31
Total distance:
140.4 KMS
Rad am Ring


Nikias Arndt Tom Stamsnijder Max Walscheid

Team Giant-Alpecin heads to Germany this weekend to participate at Rad am Ring. The one-day race which celebrates its first edition will take place on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit. The riders will first tackle five laps of a hilly 23km course, then five laps of a 5km circuit, for a total of 140km and almost 4,000 meters of elevation gain. 

Coach Rudi Kemna (NED) said: “We are very excited to be racing at Rad am Ring for its first edition. It is a great opportunity for us to compete in Germany. The course is potentially challenging which could favour the allrounders. We don’t necessarily anticipate a bunch sprint, and there could be the possibility that a reduced group contests the victory.”

“With Nikias and Max we have two fast guys who are capable of performing well and the team is going to support them in the positioning. This will be another good opportunity for Max to keep improving his performances and prepare himself for the second half of the season. If the bunch gets decimated we aim for Nikias in the sprint. So that we are prepared for both scenarios.”