Team Sunweb’s Warren Barguil leaves the Vuelta a España

Team Sunweb have decided to withdraw Warren Barguil from the Vuelta a España. The 25-year-old talented rider, recent winner of two stages and the mountain jersey at the Tour de France, openly expressed that he didn’t race conform to the team’s goal, which left Team Sunweb with no other option than to take this decision. 

Working according to a team plan with clear goals is deeply anchored in the team’s way of working. Since 2008 this has been the basis of the gradual growth and success of Team Sunweb, therefore is a value that cannot be varied. The team appreciates Barguil’s openness about his motives at the Vuelta. 

Barguil said: “I have to leave the Vuelta by the decision of the team. I feel very well and have good legs. I see myself in different a role and am eager to attack in the mountains, as I did in the Tour. The Vuelta is a great race and it is disappointing to leave but this is a decision from the team that I need to accept.”

Together with the talented Barguil the team have had many successes. He is a valued rider, who means and has meant a lot to the team. After the Vuelta, Barguil will pick up his planned race program.