Ramon Sinkeldam takes 12th at the Tour of California opener


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In a fast finish through Sacramento, Team Sunweb were able to position Ramon Sinkeldam in a good position for the sprint and after what was a hectic finale, he finished the day just outside of the top 10. 

The Tour of California opened with a 167.5km kilometre loop through Sacramento and back, and with no classified climbs along its route it was set to be a fast day on the road from the go. The day opened with four riders breaking free, with the last staying away until the 9 kilometre to go mark. As teams fought their way for positioning at the front of the bunch, the black and white stripes of Team Sunweb took stance at the front. With the pace incredibly high, the peloton was strung out across the road as teams fought for position at the front of the bunch. The black and white jerseys of Team Sunweb took stance at the front of the peloton and in a furious chase to the line, Ramon took 12th place in the sprint.


Team Sunweb coach Marc Reef explained: “It was a pretty controlled day California. There was a bit of wind and various teams tried different moves, but the bunch didn’t really split. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint where Ramon was our sprinter. Things didn’t necessarily go to plan but sometimes these things happen. Tomorrow is a new day and we look forward to another challenge.”

Ramon added: “I was too far back in the last kilometre and had lost the other guys so I had to make an effort to move up. I had to break for a short moment when another guy went off and then it was over for a result. Its disappointing but the legs are good, we’re all motivated and we have plenty more stages with plenty more options to explore here in California.”